The current people in charge (or so they think) of the KGB are:

Craig Thorburn - President

Helen Douglas - Treasurer

Pete Nixon - Unofficial Vice-President

Craig is a 3rd year Engineering student and therefore has no soul. We're working on that though.
His inspirational leadership has yet to turn up - if anyone finds it please return it a.s.a.p. ;)

Helen is a information thingy student... a Librarian. This puts her in a position of great standing
within the KGB since books are the key to knowledge - plus she's ace!

Pete - After a complaint the previous statement of "does no work as
he never talks about it" is retracted... What we WILL say now is that he
almost never does any work - as he's only in about 3 hours a week!.
But he does do a flyer run... s'pose that's okay.

©KGB 2001