Some interesting links
Below are some links that we think are interesting...

Stick Death -

Quite simply excellent. Not for the easily offended - or those that confuse reality with fiction easily.
Sit back and enjoy stickmen and stickwomen die in various funny, and often gory, ways!

Knights of Glory and Beer -

Obviously the name KGB is popular in gaming circles!
I found this while using Google to search for us.
It is actually quite a cool site!

Bangor Wargaming and Role Playing Society -

The hosts for the Student Nationals Wargaming Championships for the
2002 event of the year!... Details of the wargaming and roleplaying categories
can be found here. Do ya think I should tell Pete this?

KGB Stuff! -

I found this little old site during one of my searches for our web site
using Google. I didn't find us - but I found them... There's cool stuff here - straight
from the good old U S of A! (only good if you have a Visa / Mastercard)

Killer! -

The official Steve Jackson home page dedicated to the Daddy of all
LARP games. We worship this site...

Pravda! -

The alternative view of the KGB.
Pravda was the official newsletter of the KGB way back when
and last year it make a small comeback. Of 2 issues. Oh well.

RGU Gaming Society Forum -

This years forum for lively debate, discussion and dissing.


Another of Aberdeen's major role playing societies.
They hail from Aberdeen University and are therefore inferior.

The Otherdeen Confederacy -

Newcomers on the Aberdeen role playing circuit and are therefore eager.
Or at least can be bothered - more so than us that is.
Anyway they recently started up and meet every Tuesday night at the Illicit Still.

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