KGB Meeting - 2nd November

The following changes to the positions within the KGB were made.

Pete, Herder of the donkeys, is now: Tired
Spunkey, Asleep, is now: Employed
Rob, Professionally demented, is now: A 2mm high dragon
Matt, a caffeine zombie, is now: Working for the Korian Mafia
Fiona, just hanging around, is now: Not important

Additionally the following people were appointed to these (non)existent positions:

Graham MacDonald, the guy who makes Curly Wurlys curly, is now : Mostly absent
AndyCat, Reverend (but only in Flordia), is now: Not important
Runt, Cyber zombie, is now: mostly Made of jam
Greg, Lexus' stunt double, is now: Not important
Craig M, sitting in the corner looking bored, has been: Hiding

Additionally - it has been decreed that the entire KGB are now: SKA ZOMBIES!

Any and all correspondance with the above mentioned members must be done utilising their new positions.


©KGB 2001/2002