Some extra stuff
Below is some stuff that we're interested in

Due to unforseen schtuff the Flash animations will require Flash 5 on
your browser!.. don't blame me - blame Pete!. Get it at:

Other things
KGB Intro version 7.0 KGB Intro - Dr. Who stlye. Coming soon. KGB Killer! The KGB's Killer page(s). Use this for information on the
24/7 LARP game running from 19th October 2001.
KGB Intro version 6.0 Ska - KGB style. Coming soon. The KGB disclaimer! Guess.
KGB Intro version 5.0 To the strains of 'Connection'
by Elastica.
KGB Intro version 4.0 The best one so far...
trust me!
KGB Intro version 3.0 Yet another intro animation
KGB Intro version 2.0 Another KGB introduction animation
done in the style of the Thunderbirds
credits... No sound though :(
KGB Intro version 1.0 The KGB enters the world of Flash
animation, with this one of a possible
many introductions to this 'ere site.

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