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14th June - KGB News! (well duh...)

The Website is now frozen, and will not be updated further.

30th November - KGB Meeting

What meeting? See the Meetings sub-section for more. Details

16th November - KGB Meeting

Details to follow shortly... Details

6th November - KGB Meeting

Nought much happened this meeting. Hardly anyone turned up!
Update from meeting on 2nd November. Not a lot of people present. Captain Pete
decreed that a new season of KILLER would start on the 9th November. Be in the
Union. The "new" members are most definately not coming. Ska rules.

6th November 2001 - Website news

Well the file server on Tripod seems to have been playing up the last
couple of days - hence no update to KILLER site... yet. I should get stuff updated
soon however.

2nd November 2001 - LARP Update!

In spectacular style the current run of KILLER has ended - with the
winner being... RUNT! Well done that man. Stay tuned for more news about future
seasons of this most excellent game

30th October 2001 - Nationals Update

After exhaustive searching (okay 1 hour) I've found the appropriate
webpage on Bangor's website click here to view it

22nd October 2001 - KILLER update

KGB KILLER has now officially started. It will be running for either
4 weeks or until all the players are dead. Which ever if first to occur.
To check out the dedicated KILLER pages for more details click HERE

19th October 2001 - KGB meeting update

The KGB meeting had quite a good attendance - but that was probably
because it KILLER had a meeting afterwards for all the folk interested in it!
Anyhoo the meeting went off with its usual fizzle. Details

10th October 2001 - Website praised!

Well okay... it wasn't the whole web site, just one of the flash
animations (click here to see why), although it was very good praise:
"Very cool Very cool Very cool Very cool Very cool
sorry your flash anim for KGB is damn cool. It's flashy and musical

5th October 2001 - KGB Meeting update

Nought much happened this meeting. Hardly anyone turned up!
A few changes were proposed to the website, and the Gaming List will be updated - soon!

September 2001 - KGB First Meeting update

The first KGB Meeting saw 2 new members turn up. So far on a par
with last years total. But where have all the others gone?

September 2001 - Freshers Fayer Success!

According to various sources the KGB managed to tempt 17 people
into putting their names down to join this year!
Well done to Spunkey and Pete... who were last seen getting brilliantly drunk
somewhere down Aberdeen's beach front!

September 2001 - First meeting of the KGB

Article taken from the KGB chat forum:
"There will be the first of many wonderous and magnificant KGB meetings in
the 'union' on Friday 21st of September at 7.30(ish). That's the 21st not the 20th
has was written on the scrap of paper on the cupboard. Andycat should be fixing the
sign as we speak (or at least this evening)"

September 2001 - New Website goes online

The old website was taken offline and the new one uploaded.
Webmaster still Craig Thorburn - email at:

April 2001 - Pete makes President! Spunkey makes Treasurer!

At the 2000/2001 AGM Pete and Spunkey were voted in to become this years committee.

April 2001 - KGB at student nationals

A group of 12 people went to Leicester to compete in the Student Nationals.
The KGB managed to scoop No.1 in the White Wolf section, and came within half a point of
winning the pub quiz!

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